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Minecraft server info

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1 Minecraft server info on Sun Dec 18, 2011 4:09 am

Here are the steps to get acces to the Minecraft server.

1. Getting permission from Fesquira Gaming

Our MC(minecraft) server isn't that big yet. This means everyone who wish to be active on this minecraft server as to contribute for the server. You must contact Fesquira Gaming for that.You can contact them by mail( When I hear from him its alright we will go to the next step....

2. Sending your username to Fesquera Gaming.
Send in the next mail you're MC username.

3. Getting acces.
When we have this we will give you the IP adress which gives you acces to the MC server.

I have acces, what now?
Rules and information in the MC server can be find on the Minecraft forum board.
But we can say some things short here.
Yes you will spawn in water, get to the surface and you will see a giantic pier. Read there the signs it will show where the area's are of freebuild or projecting.

NOTE! Our server spots are limited so it is possible you won't get one. if you still want a spot you can donate to our group to get a bigger minecraft server.

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