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1 Rules/Guidelines on Wed Dec 14, 2011 2:07 pm


Here you can read the simple Rules/Guidelines.


Racism is not acceptable within a decent and friendly community and it is not tolerated here. Anyone found to be making racist remarks will receive one warning then a ban, this includes, but is not limited to, hiding the words behind symbols, colours, imagery, or within words. This rule applies to the entire forum.

Abuse behaviour
1.Abuse behaviour is deemed to be a personal attack on an individual or group and will not be tolerated. Users may be warned or even permanently banned based on the severity of the case.

2.Posts made to deliberately offend or to instigate an emotional response will be removed and the user warned. In extreme cases or multiple offences a ban may also apply.

3.Abusive remarks about other communities are not permitted. This does not mean that you cannot discuss other communities, but defamation/slander is unacceptable.

Please do not advertise on the forums without first obtaining permission from the management team.

Grotesque or Pornographic Images
You never know where people are viewing the forums from, so as a general rule, members are not allowed to [IMG] wrap any gross or pornographic pictures/videos to make them show in posts. If you still have the need too show the picture than just ad a link with a warning.

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